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Robot specifications


Recycle Rush



  • Low center of gravity is achieved by concentrating most of heavy components in the lower back section of the robot.

  • Allows both the bin and the totes to enter the chassis while holding them safely.

  • Utilizes 4 Mecanum wheels & 4 encoders, one for each wheel.

Synchronizing and Tote Centering System:

  • Simplifying the robot’s operation in the process of collecting totes and bins.

  • Helps organizing and centering stable tote stacks.

“Bins Fishing” System:

  • Two Fishing rods designed to pull 2 bins at the same time from the center STEP.

  • The rods are designed to provide strength combined with low weight using fiber-glass material.

  • Can fold from the robot outside and back using 2 pistons.

  • Creating an advantage by allowing the alliance to build 4 more stacks with recycling bins.

The Double Elevator:

  • Operated by only one winch and a cable to lock the upper elevator.

  • The purpose of the upper elevator is to prevent the bin from falling and have pressure on the totes’ stack.

  • Designed to stack at max 5 totes and a recycling mbin or 6 totes and ability to utilize any partial stacks.

Control System:

  • Autonomous mode: Creating a 3 tote stack or collecting 2 recycling bins.

  • Four Encoders used to control all 4 Mecanum wheels to provide high precision driving.

  • Advanced elevator PID control using an encoder and two digital switches.

  • Controlling over seven solenoids to create advanced automated actions during the match.

  • Utilizing distance sensors, accelerometer & gyro to control autonomous processes.

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