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Our Team

Our Team

We are team 1574 MisCar from Misgav Community High School. We compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition events since 2005.


Our story began in 2005, when Haim Dribin, head of the Electronics department and Irena Glikin, head of the Mechatronics department in Misgav High School teamed up to put together a team to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition. Within a short period of time, the small team from the unknown regional council got a big name, mainly due to its high-level of engineering and its' achievements. The team won the Israeli Regional 4 years in a row in its first years (2005-2008), reaching the finalist position in its' division at the World Championship surpassing all expectations. Today the team is one of the leading in Israel, with 8 regional and DCMP wins, 1 appearance in Einstein and tens of awards, continually fostering the FIRST mission.

In Memory Of

Amnon Gebert

1985 - 2006

Noam Rubinstein

1991 - 2014

Team Alumni


Alum Class Of 2005

Or Yaniv

Yair Garfunkel

Yahel Idan

Nil Barak

Tomer Kalmanzon

Noam Vaanun

Oded Katz

Misgav Region

Misgav inhabitants populate 29 Jewish and 9 Bedouin community settlements, which represent a wide variety of ideas and beliefs with an emphasis on pluralism, co-existence and tolerance.
Most of the settlements are rural communities.


Nowadays Misgav is characterized and known in Israel due to its developed educational system, which combines innovative approaches with high awareness of Nature, Science, Technology and healthy surroundings. 


Misgav is surrounded by beautiful places and characterized by high level entrepreneurship and High-Tech industries. Thus an atmosphere of innovative thinking has been formed amongst pupils and teachers.

Misgav Region
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