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Yaron Doppelt

Dr. Yaron Doppelt, The founder of the Mechatronics departmant in Misgav High School, returned to Misgav after two years of post-doctoral research in the University of Pittsburgh. Yaron joined Haim as a MisCar mentor. In 2005 he established a new science center in Yemin Orde Youth Village, and founded RobOrde - Team 2214 robotics team. In 2008, 2214 had achieved the Regional Engineering Inspiration awards. For this intiative he recieved the Chase-Rekanaty-Rashi award. Yaron, together with Haim, is our team leader and since 2007 FRC senior mentor. He published more than 12 articles in referred international journals, the last paper which was published in an international journal of Research in Science and Technological Education, was ranked as one of the top ten papers downloaded from the journal’s website.

Since 2009 Yaron is the coordinator of MoreTech - the national center for technology teachers and also created a website documenting 20 years of educational research and implementation. Recently, Yaron was chosen to be National Superintendent of Mechanical Engineering Education - 10th - 14th grades.

In 2016, Yaron has been awarded the Woodie Flowers Award - for his long-years contribution to MisCar and to FIRST Israel.

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