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Robot specifications

Weight: 52.5 Kg (115.7 lb) Height: 151.2 Cm (59 in) Arm length: 135 Cm (53.1") Top speed: 4 meter per second (14.4 km\h - 8.9 mp\h)




Chassis and drivetrain

    • Low center of gravity

    • Four 4” wheels on each side

    • Fast drivetrain combining high efficiency, power and speed

Climbing system

    • Designed to handle the rope easily from any angle

    • Spreads the forces that the climber triggers on the robot equally

Gear system

    • Designed for fast and easy intake and outtake of the gears in various positions

    • Takes up a minimal space on the robot

    • Releasing the gear when it’s installed completely on the lift

Fuel Collecting system

    • Wide system thattransfers the fuel quickly to the management system

    • Able to collect 4 fuel balls at the same time

Shooting System

    • Fast and precise feeding and shooting

    • Placed perpendicularly to the driving direction in order to be able to shoot from different           positions

    • Able to be controlled and adjusted during the match

    • Advanced PID and PFD control on the shooting wheel and the feeding system

Fuel Management System

    • A Conveyor transfers the fuel into the shooter

    • Two rollers create turbulence and allow fast shooting

    • Small upper barriers block the fuel from slipping

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