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Presenting FIRST in professional conferences

StartUp is a convention of Misgav's business community. The event was held in Rakefet, and many of Misgav's buisnessman and CEOs came and spoke about their success, inspiring young people who want to succeed in their field.


We were invited in order to present the FIRST project to the buisness community of Misgav, show the technological activities in the high school and to get to know the industry in our area.

Representatives from the World ORT organization came to visit our school and to
see the technological activities of our majors.

Among the many projects shown that day, we presented our robot from 2011. Some of the representatives were familiar with the project, and were very glad to see it, and those who were not were very impressed from what they saw.

On November 29th 2008 team 1574 was invited to the president's residency in Jerusalem to demonstrate its robot.

Present at the meeting were Jean-Philippe Courtois(in the middle), Microsoft International President, Danny Yamin, the CEO of Microsoft Israel(to the right), and of course Shimon Peres, The Israeli President.


In the meeting it was officialy announced the Microsoft will be the main sponsor of the Israeli Regional.

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